QilinPoker.net Agen Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Terpercaya

QilinPoker.net Agen Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Terpercaya

QilinPoker.net Agen Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Terpercaya menjadi satu tempat bermain pilihan terbaik. Bersama QilinPoker.net you will fell experience to play at Agen Poker Terbaik.  Satu hal yang menjadi good news bagi pecinta game poker online. Disini saya sebagai salah satu dari loyal player at Qilinpoker.net fell so sastified. Immediately playing at qilinpoker.net agen poker domino qq without any doubt. mengapa saya invited you to play here tentu ada alasannya. The greatest opportunity bagi Anda untuk immediately feel kemenangan yang mutlak. Hanya disini website yang benar-benar fair play dalam melayani member setianya.

QilinPoker.net Agen Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Terpercaya

QilinPoker.net Agen Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Terpercaya di Indonesia sudah pasti memberikan bonus kepada member setianya. Ini adalah bonus yang diberikan oleh Qilinpoker.net.


Global Jackpot yang sangat besar hingga 60 Million setiap harinya. There have been many who earn millions rupiah Jackpot every day at Qilinpoker.net. Kini Giliran Anda untuk mendapatkan Global Jackpot tersebut.


Kepada member who are expert in playing Domino Qiu of course akan sangat tertarik. Dengan Bonus TO yang dibagikan sebesar 0.2% setiap hari sabtu jam 11.00 WIB. Dengan minimal turnover 5 Million each weeks Bonus Turnover akan diberikan dengan ketentuan sebagai berikut :


Dengan rincian perhitungan seperti ini :

  • Turnover 5 Million x 0.2% = 10.000
  • Turnover 10 Million x 0.2% = 20.000
  • Turnover 50 Million x 0.2% = 100.000

dan seterusnya, there is no maximum limit bonus.


*Turnover 5 Million x 0.1% = 5.000

*Turnover 10 Million x 0.1% = 10.000

*Turnover 50 Million x 0.1% = 50.000

dan seterusnya, there is no maximum limit bonus.


Dapatkan Referral Bonus 10% dari Qilinpoker.net dengan mengajak teman-teman Anda bergabung dan bermain di Qilinpoker.net. Nominal Bonus ini dihitung dari total potongan meja member yang Anda ajak. Bonus Referral 10% ini seumur hidup tanpa syarat apapun loh. Bonus Referral akan masuk ke account Anda setiap hari Kamis setelah Maintenance Rutin.

QilinPoker.net Agen Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Terpercaya

Selain dari pada bonus yang berlimpah dari QilinPoker.net Agen Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Terpercaya. Masih ada kontes SEO bagi yang berminat untuk mengikutinya. Adapun syarat utama ialah memasang backlink pada artikel yang akan anda ikut sertakan dalam kontes.

Aside from the abundant bonus from QilinPoker.net Agen Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Terpercaya. There is still a SEO contest for those interested to follow. The main requirement is to put a backlink to the article that you will be entered into the contest. Lalu link apa saja yang harus dipasang beserta keywordnya?

– Bandar Poker Domino QQ Ceme BlackJack Online Indonesia (dengan link tujuan http://www.QilinPoker.net)
Agen Judi Domino 99 Terpercaya (dengan link tujuan http://www.QilinPoker.net)
Bandar Ceme Online Terbaik (dengan link tujuan http://www.QilinPoker.net)
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Kontes SEO QilinPoker.net (dengan link tujuan http://www.QilinPoker.link)

Do not forget to put a banner that is required on your main page. Banner should be installed at least 1 banner Official QilinPoker and 1 banner Contest Seo QilinPoker. Total hadiah 50 Million for 10 winners:
(The details are as follows)

First prize = Rp 20.000.000, –
Second prize = Rp 10.000.000, –
Third prize = Rp 5.000.000, –
Gift Fourth = Rp 2.500.000, –
Fifth prize = USD 2500.000, –
Gift Into 6-10 = Rp 2.000.000, –

Amazing prizes for a contest with such an easy challenge for an expert at SEO. Because of this I decided to register and participate in this SEO contest. I think this is such an easy way to get the money with huge nominal. so what are you waiting for? Register and play right now at QILINPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO QQ CEME BLACKJACK. Do not forget to participate in the contest seo qilinpoker.net.

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the World’s Best Player

Who Really Is the World’s Best Player?

Best Player, These days, everywhere you turn, there is always a debate over who is the better footballer between a certain pair of players. They place their pictures, goals, assists, achievements, speed, contribution to the team, and to the game as a whole, their skills, salaries, endorsement, and a host of other criteria.

Any two Best Player can be compared by any self acclaimed pundit at any given time, and the one making the comparison claims his position is correct, based on whatever criteria he bases his comparison on. But there is almost always a huge flaw in ANY comparison, especially in a dynamic game like football. On a general note, I do not like comparison, and this includes in football.

Best Player

People, including professionals, and journalists, are usually biased whenever they compare two quantities. More often than not, the argument is skewed in the favour of one entity, based on the preference and perspective of the person making the comparison.

Compare Two Different Players

When you compare two different Best Player, it is an act if disrespect to both players. Usually, the players being compared do not play for the same team, and the support and input of their teammates can affect the output of the players and the eventual outcome of the match. It would have been easier if the players being compared are on the same team, but this is rarely the case. Pundits place two rival players side-by-side, who have never played in the same team, and may never will, and compare them, neglecting other players in their respective teams.

For instance, two Best Player, football strikers A and B, may be of equal competence in scoring, and may play the same position on the pitch. However, whereas striker A is blessed with a very tactical winger who dribbles through and constantly gives him passes and crosses, which may result in goals for him, striker B may lack the same fortune, and may have to create his own chances and dribble through before scoring. At the end of the season, striker A scores 30 goals, and was assisted in 20 of them, while his rival scores 20 and was assisted in only 5 of those goals, scoring the other 15 on solo effort.

The press may hype one over the other, claiming the player with the higher number of goals is the better scorer, neglecting the role of teammates and supporting players. There is an inconsistency in their standard of comparison. Secondly, the different managers of the players, and the effect they have on the players can make them implode or explode.

Two managers can place their respective wingers in the same spot on the formation, but each one of them is given a different responsibility on the pitch.

One may be required to dribble through and get into the box, while the other may be required to send looping crosses into the box. The results will show that the guy who dribbles into the box will get more chances at goal, and in displaying his skill than the one who is just meant to throw in crosses. If both players are compared, there is again an error in the standard of comparison. Tactics differ from team to team, and from manager to manager.

Another factor in comparison of two players is the age factor. Ronaldo, Messi, Zlatan, Lewandowsky and Muller are all forwards, but they are not of the same age. It would be more apt to compare them all when they are all the same age than comparing a 24-year-old’s scoring rampancy with a man ten years his senior.

Again, if you say, “Well, let’s look at Zlatan when he was twenty-four and compare with Neymar,” several other factors must be considered as well.


Psychological and emotional conditions must also be critically studied in comparing any two players. Does this player get constant criticism from the press, friends and family, while the other is normally praised?

Depending on their mentality, the guy who is constantly criticised may work harder to silence his critics, or may be frustrated into giving up. Also, the guy who is also praised may be encouraged to do better, or he may become complacent and decline in consistency.

Also, everyone is born with different strengths. player A may be more pacy than player B, while player B has the upper hand in terms of technique.

When you claim that one is better than the other, simply because he can run faster, then you must also conclude that the other is better because his technique is superior. For performance-based comparison, all strengths and weaknesses must be considered, and an average should be drawn, rather than depending on a single criterion.

Weather, as trivial as it sounds, may improve or diminish a player’s performance. One who is used to cold climes will find it hard playing in a country with a hot weather and vice versa. Other seemingly inconsequential factors such as their boot type, the opponents’ attitudes (playing more aggressively against one than the other, for instance), or the state of his family or intantaneous morale, may have great impact on a man’s performance on and off the pitch.

What’s even worse is when players from different generations are compared. Differences in pitch size, type and condition; ball type; rules of the day (in case you didn’t know, football rules are usually being constantly updated; some to the players’ advantage, others to their disadvantage); support; pay; and other off-the-pitch events; can contribute to variations in players’ performances in different generations.

For example, it is difficult to conclude that Pele and Maradona are better than C. Ronaldo and Messi because, for one, Pele spent virtually all his career at home on Brazil’s entertaining Samba soccer pitches, and being protected as a national treasure. He never tasted the more physical European football, and in the national team, had super teammates in Brazilian squad in his day, something Ronaldo especially, cannot claim to have in Portugal national team.

The pitches were smaller then and the balls were different. Today’s balls bounce more and can more readily deflect off goal than what was obtained in the seventies. Perhaps, if the new generation were under the same influences, they may have recorded similar performances as the Brazilian megastar.

Best Player – In addition, the game has become more technical than what was obtained way back.

Also, how do you determine the better player between a goalkeeper and a striker, or between a midfielder and a defender? They foot play this same role, and can hence not be placed on the same scale. There will be lapses and bias.

The best way to compare players and get the perfect comparison result is when both players are born with the same strengths and weaknesses, have the same background, orientation and experiences, play in the same position, function in the same team, are managed by the same manager, and play against the same opponents under the same weather condition at the same time. Failure to do that will always leave room for lapses in judgement whenever you compare any two players.

For now, all we can do is to encourage each player to give his very best in every game he appears, and stop causing unnecessary tension among footballers. Let us stop trying to place players side-by-side, unless there is a globally-accepted, all-round standard of comparison, which takes all internal and external factors into play.

In choosing the world’s best player, or any other similar award, we may continue using the criteria we normally consider when comparing players, but we still have a very long way to go in determining the real world’s best, because it is virtually impossible to factor in every internal and external influence on any two or more given superplayers placed parallel to each other for comparison.

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Top 10 Sports Couples

Top 10 Sports Couples

Sports Couples – The year many sports couples getting divorced or breaking up due to hundreds of reasons. However, others still keep their love fresh and long-lasting like David and Victoria Beckham, Ricardo Kaka and Caroline Celico or Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker.

David and Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham is the most famous sports couples ever. This pair still keeps a happy marriage during many years and they are now parents of three lovely sons and an unborn girl. Though love affairs of the LA Galaxy’s football star with some women are sometimes mentioned, these rumors cannot harm their sweet relationship.

David and Victoria Beckham are proud of welcoming their fourth child to complete the “Beckham Empire”

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk

The love story between Real Madrid’s football star Cristiano Ronaldo and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Irina Shayk is talked much everywhere since they began dating. This couple is more famous then Ronaldo and .

Despite being shocked after hearing the news, the Russian supermodel still keeps her love with Ronaldo and Irina Shayk.

Ricardo Kaka and Caroline Celico

The AC Milan’s star Ricardo Kaka was the highest paid football player in the world and named one of Time magazine\’s 100 most influential people in the world. In Dec. 2005, he tied the knot with Brazilian beauty Caroline Celico when she was only 18. They are now parents of two children.

Kaka and Caroline appeared at an event

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker

Like Cristiano Ronaldo’s girl friend, the wife of tennis star Andy Roddick was also a Sports Illustrated cover girl. They got married some years ago and are often named in every list of top happiest couples.

This beauty turned to movie star with her role in the 2011 film “Just Go With It”

Other sports couples

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger have a happy family along with two adorable sons, Maximilian and Vincent though he is 11 years younger than his wife

The heart of Herman Crespo married with the beauty Alessia Rossi Andra and then they had a romantic wedding party

Alessandro Nesta and Gabriela Pagnozzi tied the knot after nine-year dating. They are now parents of a son, Tommaso, and a daughter, Sofia

Captain of the German national team, Michael Ballack, married his longtime girlfriend, Simone Lambe, in 2008

Roque Santa Cruz and Giselle married in 2004 and live in harmony through the time.

Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Cabau married on July 17, 2010. His wife is among top beautiful WAGs all over the world

Dream Teams

Sports Couples

Centre Backs

There were a lot of great performances in this position with a number of players having fantastic a year.
Alessandro Nesta, Juan, Rio Ferdinand, Lucio, Julien Escude, Philip Mexes, Ivan Cordoba, Daniel Jarque are among a group of players that performed very admirably at centre back last year.
Emanuel Vidic and Jamie Carragher would count themselves extremely unlucky not to have made my team but I have gone for Gabriel Milito and Ricardo Carvalho because they both had a mammoth year.


As always it was difficult to choose between a number of excellent performances. in midfield as there just too many great players to choose from.
Daniele De Rossi, Andrea Pirlo, Florent Malouda, Paul Scholes, Robinho. Xavi, Franck Ribery, Ricardo Quaresma, Lucho Gonzalez. Miguel Veloso, Juninho, Christian Poulsen, Genaro Gatusso, Steven Gerrard. Hatem Ben Arfa, Samir Nasri and others too many to mention all had wonderful seasons.
Cesc Fabregas, Saydoo Keita and Esteban Cambiasso were desperately unlucky to get in the team but I went for Christiano Ronaldo, Michael Essien and Andres Iniesta.


Fred Kanoute had a fantastic year as did Ruud Van Nistlerooy, Diego Milito, Kevin Kuranyi, Alexander Frei, Theofanis Gekas, Mario Gomez, Afonso Alves, Johan Elmander, Danny Koevermans, Jefferson Farfan, Klass-Jan Huntelaar, Kun Aguerro, Rodrigo Palacio, Robbie Keane and Fernando Torres.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Francesco Totti and Dimitar Berbatov not get into my team but I have gone for Kaka, Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba.

Final Team

  1. Iker Casillas
  2. Maicon
  3. Eric Abidal
  4. Michael Essien
  5. Gabriel Milito
  6. Ricardo Carvalho
  7. Christiano Ronaldo
  8. Andres Iniesta
  9. Didier Drogba
  10. Kaka
  11. Lionel Messi

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